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Grants Awarded in 2023

Luminis Health/AAMC

$80,000 awarded to the Rebecca Fortney Breast Center to fund the purchase of a Brevera Biopsy System.

Karen Scott, Jennifer DiDonato, Jenny Griffin, Susanne Tameris, Christina Cugle, Claudia Boldyga, Elizabeth Gross, Karen White, Denise Moore

Wellness House

$35,000 ​​was awarded to be utilized to fund health and wellness programs for members diagnosed with breast cancer and their families.

Connie Blanford (Bosom Buddies), Claudia Boldyga, ​Karen White (Bosom Buddies), Jennifer DiDonato (Bosom Buddies)

Annapolis Dragon Boat Club

$5,000 ​​was awarded to establish the Brigitte Wallace McKee Bosom Buddies Grant Fund to provide need-based financial support to individuals with breast cancer to enable them to participate in the Annapolis Dragon Boat Club and receive all the health and wellness benefits of dragon boating.

Dragon boat.jpg

Holly Rhodes (Bosom Buddies), Christina Cugle (Bosom Buddies), Karen White (Bosom Buddies) Claudia Boldyga (Bosom Buddies),   Connie Blanford (Bosom Buddies)

UM Shore Regional Health

$135,000 awarded to the UM Shore Regional Health's Clark Comprehensive Breast Center (CCBC) in Easton for the purchase of Siemens Sequoia Ultrasound System and a Sunoptic Surgical Headlight.

Shore regional.jpg

Holly Rhodes (Bosom Buddies), Jenny Griffin (Bosom Buddies), Claudia Boldyga (Bosom Buddies), Jeanie Scott (CCBC Director of Oncology Services), Dr. Roberta Lilly (CCBC Director) Rebecca Bair (CCBC Vice President of Philanthropy), Jennifer DiDonato and Karen White (Bosom Buddies).


$5,000 awarded to be utilized to fund hospice care for individuals with breast cancer.

Holly Rhodes (Bosom Buddies), Shelly Baird (Compass), Claudia Boldgya (Bosom Buddies), Heather Gueieri (Compass), and Karen White (Bosom Buddies).

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